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Plaza Las Américas

Plaza Las Américas (525 Avenida Frankling Delano Roosevelt, Hato Rey) –– The island’s first big mall and still the largest in the Caribbean, Plaza, as it is known by locals, is a world unto itself. Even by U.S. standards, it’s a remarkable place with top-name retailers, full-service restaurants, a Cineplex, two food courts, a spa, […]


Ali Baba

Ali Baba (1214 Avenida Ashford, Condado) — Tucked discreetly off Ashford Avenue, this newcomer turns out delicious, meticulously prepared Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food, thanks to its Turkish chef-owner. Given how unpretentious this small place is, the presentation is surprisingly elegant. Start with the hummus, served with steaming homemade lavash, or the grilled cheese with […]



Aguaviva (364 Calle Fortaleza, Old San Juan) — The name means “jellyfish,” which explains why this ultracool, ultramodern place has dim blue lighting like a tranquil ocean, and lamps shaped like jellyfish floating overhead. Elegantly groomed oysters and clams float on cracked ice along the raw bar. Eating here is like submerging oneself into the […]


Anfiteatro Tito Puente

Anfiteatro Tito Puente (Tito Puente Amphitheater)(Avenida Piñeiro and Expreso Luís A. Ferré, Hato Rey) — Surrounded by lagoons and trees, the open-air theater hosts the annual Heineken Puerto Rico Jazzfest and other musical events. It’s named after the late, great musician who is widely credited with bringing salsa to the rest of the world. Each […]


The Casino at The Ritz-Carlton

The Casino at The Ritz-Carlton (6991 Avenida de los Gobernadores, Isla Verde) — With its golden columns, turquoise and bronze walls, and muted lighting, the Ritz casino, the largest in San Juan, stays refined by day or night. There’s lots of activity, yet everything is hushed.


By Bus

By Bus — The Metropolitan Bus Authority (tel. 787/767-7979 for route information) operates buses in the greater San Juan area. Bus stops are marked by upright metal signs or yellow posts that say PARADA. The bus terminal is the dock area in the same building as the Covadanga parking lot next to the Treasury Department. […]