Pito’s Seafood Café & Restaurant

Pito’s Seafood Café & Restaurant (Hwy. 2, Las Cucharas, Ponce) — This is the best of the string of seafood restaurants along the undeveloped waterfront west of the city center. The building has a handsome wooden structure on the water, with three different dining levels with open air views of the sea. There is a large and fine wine selection, with 25 bottles available by the glass, and a cigar menu available at a separate smoking bar. The spot offers the freshest seafood, in the finest of island and Spanish recipes. A really great spot to experience the best Puerto Rican seafood meal of your vacation. It’s a great place to try grilled Caribbean lobster, which is lighter than its Maine cousin. I’ve also tried the Ponce style conch salad and mahimahi in mango curry coconut sauce. The halibut filet sautéed with pesto and shrimp is as tasty as it sounds, but everything looks great. If it’s anything like mine have been, your meal will be as perfect as the view.